You're pregnant!

Congratulations. Soon you will be able to enjoy your baby together.

A good time, one in which you make many choices. And making a choice for the care of your baby, who has not yet been born, can be exciting. Because what is best for your child? And what do you feel comfortable with? You want the very best for your little one, even when you go back to work. Then it is nice to know that your child is in safe hands with us. This is how baby specialists work at our baby group; pedagogical employees who have followed a special baby training, so that they know exactly what your child needs.

Thanks to our many years of experience, we provide care that suits your child and we can advise you well. We understand what you and your child need.


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Love and professionalism

We take care of your child with love and expertise. Children develop very quickly. Especially the first years. Your child will be guided in his or her development in a professional manner, step by step until he or she is ready for primary school at the age of four.

Always involved

In addition to you as a parent, we are happy to involve grandfathers, grandmothers and other family members in the care of your son or daughter. We think it is important that they also have a good feeling about the childcare, because they are part of your child's life. For example, we have grandpa and grandma days where your (in-law) parents can come and have a look at the daycare and we have Facebook where you can follow the experiences of your child and you don't have to miss anything. Of course you as a parent determine which information we can share about your child. For example, no photos of your son or daughter will be shared on Facebook without your permission.

Practical issues

When you call us, we will work together to find out which childcare is best for your situation. You can also look inside our quiet baby groups without any obligation. We are happy to tell you what you and your child can expect from a day at our daycare.

What can you expect from Kibeo?
  • your child will receive a lot of love and personal attention
  • a permanent team with experienced and committed employees
  • become employees of the baby group specially trained to provide your baby with the best care
  • with us childcare is fun and educational
  • always a clean, hygienic and healthy climate
  • childcare is tailored to your specific wishes
  • experience the day and do not miss any special moments via the parent portal My Kibeo
  • free bottle feeding or lunch and fresh fruit
  • free sleeping bag
  • free trial calculation, registration and cancellation until the childcare starts, then only one month's notice period
  • all our baby groups are open 52 weeks a year from 7:30 am to 6:30 pm.

This way you can take your little one home satisfied every day.

Would you like to know what your costs would be for childcare at Kibeo? With our handy calculation tool you will quickly get a good idea of what you will ultimately lose each month. Make an already a test calculation.

Or view the answer to Frequently Asked Questions.

Childcare Kibeo
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Welcome to Kibeo

Kibeo has been supporting parents in the care and education of their children for over 35 years.

And because we've been in the business for so long, new parents who used to play with us now come to take their own child to daycare. Then you know that you are doing something right. Extra fun; when you register your baby you will receive a nice welcome gift for your baby!

Personal tour

Would you like to experience for yourself how nice our employees are and how nice our location is?

Visit a Kibeo location near you or make an appointment for a tour. We are happy to show you where your child might eat, play and sleep. And of course we answer all your questions.

Guided tour

Childcare Kibeo