Kibeo's mission and vision

Mission kibeo

Parents are relieved and children develop optimally with Kibeo's development packages. Thanks to a combination of care, guidance and talent development, we offer children the best possible future. With our extensive network, we ensure that childcare remains accessible and contributes to the (economic) vitality of our work area.

Kibeo is a foundation that considers accessibility, accessibility, quality and continuity of childcare more important than profit maximization.

Vision kibeo

Together with other organizations and managers, provide a basic provision in which upbringing, care, education and leisure activities form a coherent efficient and effective whole that all children can use.

A society in which, through collaboration and digitization, the boundaries between life before, during and after school blur.

  • In which all children can grow up to be social, capable and responsible adults who make a positive contribution to society today and the future.
  • Where parents can make their contribution to society with confidence.

Close to

Your child grows up at Kibeo in their own neighborhood or in their own village, because we are often around the corner. That is very pleasant for your child and it is often very useful for you.

Childcare close to your wishes and needs, that is possible at Kibeo. You put together your childcare yourself, often with one of our reception advisers, completely tailored to your personal situation.


You feel welcome and your children are having a good time at Kibeo. Our pedagogical staff are enthusiastic and involved and are happy to give your child all the love and attention.

Well taken care of

Taking good care of your child, that is ultimately the most important thing; lots of love and personal attention. So that you pick up a happy child at the end of the day. We ensure that your child has a wonderful time with us.

Our locations are well cared for as well, your child learns to crawl in clean and hygienic areas. The interior is attractive, contemporary and tailored to the needs and age of children. Outside, your child can let off steam on our green, challenging squares, so we get lots of exercise together.


It goes without saying that we take into account what is important to you and your child. For example, a good daytime and sleeping rhythm, quiet eating times, a challenging play environment and plenty of love and attention from well-trained and experienced pedagogical employees.

We do care together with you. That is why you are involved in the care of your child. You can see when your child is at daycare My Kibeo what he or she experiences. At the pick-up and drop-off times, your pedagogical employee will tell you how the day went. In addition, we have many activities to which you as a parent, or even the grandparents of your child, are invited. Such as Kibeo's late summer party and the grandpa and grandma days.