Active parent policy

Kibeo has an active parent policy (read: parental consultation policy). You can discuss and think about the reception in various ways. In addition to the daily contact with the pedagogical staff, there are various location parent councils and a Client Council is active. We also regularly ask for your opinion through customer satisfaction surveys or evaluations. Read more about the parent councils and the client council below.

The Client Council

The members of the Client Council (CR) are parents who use a day-care center, after-school care or a toddler group for the care of their child (ren). The CR represents the interests of parent and child. In addition, she advises the director on everything that directly or indirectly affects the quality of the reception. You may have questions to which the pedagogical staff or the people of the Central Office cannot answer directly. The CR is then your point of contact. If you have any signals, you can report them to the CR. The CR ensures good communication and is the point of contact for the location parent councils.

Read it here regulations of the Client Council. Send your question / signal to

Composition of the Client Council:

Chairman: Angelique den Boer
Vice chairman: Ilona van Lieren
Secretary: Annelies Buitenkamp
Secretary: Monique Bomer-Veenboer
Member: Marlies van Ravenswaaij-Bernart
Member: Edith van Dijke-van den Bersselaar
Member: Mirjam Dek

Do you want to become a member of the Client Council or do you want more information about this? Please contact us via

Think through the Customer Panel

The customer panel mainly consists of concerned parents. Several times a year they are often digitally presented with a choice, proposition or even dilemma. They provide us with input, feedback and advice. This sometimes helps us to make a choice more easily. This makes it clearer to us what our target group finds important in a particular question or issue.

Do you want to be part of our customer panel? Send an email to

Parental council location

Almost every branch has a Location Parent Council (LOR). You can also register as a member at a location where no LOR is present. In case of two members or more, a parent council is formed. As a member of the parent council you talk and think about matters related to the childcare at the location and you help organize special activities.

What does the LOR do towards the Client Council (CR)? The LOR can authorize the CR for the advisory right on Kibeo's general policy. The CR keeps the LORs informed of its activities.

Do you want to become a member of the Location parent council at your location? Ask the pedagogical employee for more information. Read it here regulations of the Parent Councils Location.

More information about the role of parents

You can read more information about the role of parents in childcare in the folder 'Parent councils Kibeo' or on the website of BOinK, the interest group of parents in childcare.