Pedagogical policy

When you choose childcare, you want your son or daughter to have a safe place with plenty of space to play, develop and meet other children. And that we take into account the personal needs of your child. If you want to know how we do that at Kibeo, read our pedagogical policy.

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Childcare in Zeeland and South Holland
What can you find in the pedagogical policy

In the pedagogical policy you can see in one document what Kibeo considers important in the care of your child. Such as:

  • how do we make your child feel at ease in the group with peers
  • in what way is your child stimulated in his or her development in a playful way
  • how do we teach your child to make friends
  • the rhythm of home is the starting point, how does that work?

In addition, many practical matters such as; how do we think about nutrition, trainees can participate in the group and much more.

Pedagogical climate

A good pedagogical climate is needed to ensure that your child feels comfortable with us. This consists of the following basic elements:

  • safety, attention to children
  • take care of children
  • along with other children
  • norms and values
  • feel at home
  • reward and correct
Childcare Kortgene - Kibeo
Childcare Wemeldinge - Kibeo
Your child's individuality and background

Your child is developing very quickly and he or she always needs the right challenge. The development of your child is observed and recorded in the child portrait; what is already going well and what less. We then see whether your child needs a little more challenge or a helping hand.


Kibeo works closely with child-oriented organizations, such as primary schools. When your child turns four, your pedagogical staff member has a conversation with the teacher about your child. This way, the teacher knows what your child needs and we ensure the best possible start at primary school. Of course, this conversation only happens with your permission.

When your child needs extra attention

Our goal is to be able to offer childcare to as many children as possible. That is why, just like primary schools, we offer suitable care. Read here how we do that at Kibeo.