Take a look at Kibeo

Before you choose childcare for your child, it is nice to have a no-obligation look inside a location. What does your child experience and learn during the day at the daycare? Who will take care of your child and how many other boyfriends and girlfriends are playing?

We are happy to show you where your little one might be eating, playing and sleeping. Fill in the information below and we will contact you to schedule a tour. You can then meet the branch manager and ask all your questions.

Due to the coronavirus, we are forced to take extra (hygiene) measures for giving tours, so that we create the safest possible environment for you, the children and for our employees. We ask for your understanding for this.

  • We schedule evening or after-hours tours when no other adults are present.
  • Upon arrival we ask you to disinfect your hands.
  • We don't shake hands.
  • We keep 1.5 meters apart during the entire tour.

Guided tour

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